We work on behalf of the owners for the post-fixture operations to ensure the smooth and successful execution of the voyage and protect the interests of the ship owners.

Our operations include:

  • Voyage Optimization
  • Bunkering
  • Agency Appointment
  • Voyage Cashflow Management & Accounting
  • Voyage Claims Handlin
  • Vessel Performance Monitoring
  • Emission Compliance Monitoring
  • Monitoring Compliance with the Charter Parties


Seaways Shipmanagement offers completely new building solutions:

  • Shipyard Review
  • Contract Negotiation
  • Evaluation of ship Building Specification
  • Supplier Negotiation and FAT Attendance
  • Planning
  • On-site Supervision
  • Sea Trails
  • Final Delivery
  • Guarantee Claims Handling


Seaways’ digital technologies and data-driven solutions enhance ship operations’ efficiency, safety, and sustainability. We enable better communication, coordination, and collaboration among stakeholders, such as ship owners, operators, managers, regulators, port authorities and service providers. Our digital solutions also improve the performance and reliability of our ships and their systems, such as navigation, propulsion, cargo handling and environmental protection.

Our aim with the digital process is to reduce operational costs, increase productivity and profitability, enhance our customer satisfaction and loyalty, and support environmental and social responsibility.

Our online client portal provides our clients, crew, and management team with transparent, real-time communications. It allows clients to access various information about managing their vessels. This includes access to the planned maintenance system, procurement management system, HSEQ documents, accounts with a financial overview and technical files and drawings. In addition, clients may also access current operations, crew lists, full details on each crew member, planned crew changes, our web-based vessel tracking system, and vessel-specific documents and certificates.

Our performance optimization solution provides the following services:

 Vessel Performance Optimization:

  • Route Optimization
  • Speed Optimization
  • Fuel Consumption Optimization
  • Hull and Propeller Monitoring
  • Energy Management
  • Trim Optimization
  • Emissions Compliance and CII Rating Live Monitoring
  • Preventive Maintenance

Assets Preservation Management:

  • Safety Monitoring
  • Security Monitoring
  • Hazardous Event Monitoring
  • Preventative Maintenance
  • Sensor-Based Data Collection
  • Digital Logbook
  • Performance Investigation

Crew Training:

A module-based state-of-the-art assessment program called – Competence Management System (CMS) was developed in-house to manage and track the on–the–job training of our cadets and officers. The crew with their log-in credentials can utilize this platform anytime when they are onboard or on leave and track their progress for growing through the ranks.

We are always committed to delivering quality, transparent services to all clients.